Subject: A Grandmother Weighs In On Teddy Bear College



 Grandparents are often quite overwhelmingly *smitten* with the arrival of their first grandchild.


The depth of love one feels for this child is an amazing and at times difficult path to navigate. You are NOT the parent and while you want only the best for this precious are now the grandparent and must trust your son or daughter to make the right decisions.   One of the biggest they might have to make is where to send your grandchild to daycare!!


You can only hope they make a choice you too can be happy with!!


 Such was my daughter's decision to enroll my granddaughter in TEDDYBEAR COLLEGE!!   Wonderful!!


My granddaughter has just begun her THIRD year attending Teddy Bear College. I would not or could not be happier with any other childcare/daycare center than Teddy Bear.


I have watched as my granddaughter has reflected back to me the love, warmth and care that she herself has received from the wonderful and caring staff there.


I have been astounded at the skills she has acquired simply from attending this school. She is only 3 and 1/2 ...but can name letters, sing the alphabet, knows her colors, and the other day she wrote me her name! She is not even four!!


I have no worries when my *grand* is at Teddy Bear because I KNOW she is safe, nurtured, genuinely cared about and also being educated while she is there.


My daughter recently bought a home farther from the school and after *Nonny* here did a bit of searching...I informed my daughter that Teddy Bear College was well worth the extra commute to keep her enrolled there.


After I showed my daughter what the other programs had to offer, she readily agreed they were no match for Teddy bear College  ...making Nonny and Granddaughter very happy. :)


I would encourage any parent (or smitten grandparent) to seriously consider Teddy Bear College for their child or children.  You will not find better.


I have never found one negative and way too many positives to write them all here.


I also want to deeply thank all of the staff and helpers at TEDDY BEAR COLLEGE  for taking such great care of my precious Amaya.  It is appreciated beyond words.



Barbara Ramirez


E-mail address available upon request to personally contact"


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