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Dear Mrs. Joanne & Staff,


I wanted to take a moment to express our overwhelming gratitude for the way you helped mold my son. My wife and I searched all over Bucks County and the region for the best day care for Douglas and, in the end, we chose Teddy Bear College. We have never had any regrets.


From the time Douglas was two years old until the day he left to move on to elementary school, he was all the better for it. I can not thank you enough for the way you cared for him. The first day we looked at your day care center, Mrs. Joanne told us, "When your son leaves here, he will be ready for school." I must tell you that hands down you were correct.


In the first couple months at Teddy Bear College Douglas was already counting to 100, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and enjoying the other children's company. He was treated like an individual with his own set of abilities and interests, and he learned very well because of this approach. You provided knowledge, discipline and a playful environment for Douglas that he will not soon forget.


Douglas learned every day at Teddy Bear College and loved the staff immensely. Times when I had a weekday off, I would ask him, "Do want to stay home and hang with daddy or go to Teddy Bear College?" To my surprise he often chose to go to school and wanted to be with his teachers and friends!


In addition to a first-rate educational facility, we were seeking a clean environment for Douglas, and Teddy Bear College was clearly at the head of the class. For example, almost every day I observed an employee cleaning the facility and toys, and the carpets and railings were immaculate.


The teachers and staff were always in control of the children. I am happy to report that the orderly nature of the day care has rubbed off on my son, who is now very well organized in his own daily life. Our son is prepared, organized and well-mannered in a way that seems to rise above many other children, and I am sure that this is as a direct result of the values he learned at Teddy Bear College.


The children were provided excellent nutrition in the excellent meals your staff prepared for them every day. Douglas often had salads and learned to continue to eat and love healthy foods while attending Teddy Bear College. He learned from your staff that a good, healthy meal is the way to eat all the time.


Lastly, Teddy Bear College is a safe place to leave your children. I work in law enforcement and I was extremely protective and concerned for who was going to care for my child. I can say this to any parent who is considering Teddy Bear College: I searched everywhere and their attention to the security of children is second to none.


In closing, Teddy Bear College is an amazing place for children. Teddy Bear College is not the place where all they do is watch your child and make sure he does not get hurt: It is a second family away from your home that you will soon learn to love.


Again, without a doubt Mrs. Joanne, I thank you many times over for how well you prepared Douglas for school and life in general. He loves you guys to death and he will never forget the awesome times and wonderful years he had with you at Teddy Bear College.




The Snyder Family.