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Spring is in the air! Here at Teddy Bear College the weather is changing and the kids are getting excited about being able to go outside to play more.


This month we will be reviewing our letters. Each group will do a craft and a worksheet to coincide with the letter that we will be reviewing.

Groups A & B will be working on the Creative Curriculum Study: Clothes

Groups C & D will be working on Spanish, Sign Language, names, Phone #’s, & addresses

The children will also be learning about insects, bugs and spiders, oh my!


Once again, check craft folders daily and be sure that your child’s cubby is filled with spare clothes!


Spring Assessments:

Spring Assessments – May 15th: We will also be completing assessments in May, using Teaching Strategies GOLD. Please see their website if you would like more information:


“GOLD offers a revolutionary approach to early childhood assessment. It is an assessment tool available to teachers that is user-friendly and inclusive—one that enables them to increase the effectiveness of their assessments while having more time to spend with children. It’s easy to use, it’s effective, and it works—saving teacher’s time and helping them be confident in their assessment decisions.”



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