Teddy Bear College Big Bear Summer Camp is scheduled to begin on The first Monday after Bensalem School District school year ends. Our camp begins when your child's school lets out and we run until your child goes back to school. That is approximately 11 weeks.

Our summer program is well planned with additional staff to accommodate the different ages of the children. We divide the children into two groups according to their ages: 2-5  years old and 6-10 years old. This enables us to schedule age appropriate activities. We are counting on having a wonderful summer again this year with lots of fun and entertainment for the children.



Our Big Bear Summer Camp program broken down into individual themed weeks. Each comprising  crafts, games, cooking projects that correspond to the titled week. It makes it fun filled and very organized.


We also offer extra curricular activities that  may be added to your child's schedule. They all carry extra fees. Your child may sign up for one or all. It’s your choice. You may tailor it to your affordability. We always have activities going on for those who choose not to participate in the daily off campus activity.


Some of the off campus activities include:

Mondays:       Park & Pool

Tuesdays:       Martial Arts

Wednesdays:  Project-Based Learning

Thursdays:     Art Class

Fridays:          Special (Franklin Institute, movies, science program, Paws on  Wheels, etc.)



Drop of is between 7:00-9:00AM, Pick up is between 3:00-6:00PM

AM Snack: 10:00AM*

Lunch:        12:00PM*

Nap:            1:00-3:00PM (for ages 2-5)

PM Snack:  3:30PM*


*All meals are provided.



There is a non-refundable annual $50.00 registration fee.

Children in the Big Bear Summer Camp will have a one time craft fee of $50.00.


Summer Camp Fees are as follows:

Ages 6-12 - Big Bear Summer Camp is $200.00 per week

Camp Tuition Payments are made on June 1 and August 1 or weekly if needed.



Because of the format of summer camp and the weather, we are requesting a few items be sent with the children. Please be sure all of the items are labeled with (water proof marker) your child’s name. Bathing suit and towel, sunscreen cover-up (tee-shirt), change of clothes and a plastic bag for the wet bathing suit that is brought home daily in a school bag. Please refer to the Summer Camp Letter for more details.



The following holidays Teddy Bear College will be closed.   These are paid days.

Fourth of  July

2 In Service Days –August

Labor Day


Health and Safety:

Please discuss with me any allergies or other considerations which might impact your child from being outside the majority of the day. Providing your child with a filled squeeze bottle is very important so they can replenish their fluids. I will refill the bottle during the day, as necessary. An appropriate sun screen is equally important because they will be playing outdoors most of the day.

Summer Camp
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