We have obtained additional space next door for Virtual Learning Support. Each child will have their own cubicle seat with desk dividers.
Children will be required to wear masks whenever they are not seated or eating. We are going to do our best to support your children during their virtual learning school year.

We understand this is new. We want families to know we are committed to assisting the children, however there are limitations.
We will not be able to do the assignments for the students, we will not be responsible for missed, incorrect, or incomplete assignments. We will be utilizing our electronic tool, Tadpoles to communicate.

Below are a little of required items:

-Submit a supplies list and send in all required supplies (labeled)

-Schedule of assignments (printed)

-Daily schedule (including if the child/ren need to be logged in at a certain time) (printed)

-Important dates and information (including attendance policy and days off)

-Laptop/tablet/Chromebook (charged & taken home daily). Must support the programs used for virtual learning.

*Note: If forgotten once, we will allow it, if forgotten again, parent must bring it or child will not be able to attend.

-Device Charger


-1 Facemask to be left at TBC

-Hand Sanitize

We provide before and after school care for children attending the local elementary schools. School Lane Charter, some catholic schools and

Struble Elementary will bus to Teddy Bear College. We do provide transportation for additional schools in the area, but will vary according to attendance and distance.

We provide homework help, snack, and fun activities for children when they arrive to the center.

Children are able to attend a full day when the elementary school are closed.